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Why Gem Accommodation?

Whether it’s a one bedroom apartment or a six bedroom townhouse, every Gem Accommodation home has wow factor. Artfully blending quality, comfort and character, they are immaculate and stylish, with unique design details and comfortable furniture. Many of our guests also look for personal touches that make a home feel like home.

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Benefits of belonging to Gem Accommodation


We take a personal approach to partnering with our homeowners. They receive a dedicated Account Manager, supported by a diverse global team, who share tailored advice and tips, such as which weeks will be most popular with guests, how to achieve the highest income per night and any missing items they might need for the home to create the best experience for guests.


Our homeowners enjoy their home whenever they like, but make income from it when it suits them best by taking bookings ranging from three days to three months or more.


We are hospitality professionals who ensure the short term rental experience is as simple and rewarding as possible. We attract the most discerning guests, people who choose Gem Accommodation because they want to stay somewhere comfortable with style, character and service. We have a support team available 24/7. We know the homes inside and out which means we match each guest to the perfect home for their needs.

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Our Homeowners

Our owners have invested time and love in their homes, but a certain lifestyle frequently leaves their fine residences unoccupied. We ensure their homes remain immaculate and secure, meanwhile they reap the rewards to fund pursuits and passions.You will be surprised how effortless this experience can be, but allow us to introduce other Gem Accommodation homeowners, and see what they have to say.

Our owners have invested time and love in their homes, but a certain lifestyle frequently leaves their fine residences unoccupied. We ensure their homes remain immaculate and secure, meanwhile they reap the rewards to fund pursuits and passions.

Thomas Edison (the soccer player) Check What Other Homeowners Have Said

Our Services in Lisbon & Portugal

Gem Accommodation

Exclusive Boutique Aparment Collection. Unique serviced apartments with handmade hospitality located in prime locations.

  • Exclusive Boutique Apartment Collection
  • Handmade Hospitality
  • Short and Medium Term Rentals

Gem Real Estate

An unique collection of exclusive properties for those who pursue a house to stay in Lisbon and/or an investment with a yield associated.

  • Exclusive Property Collection
  • Property Investment with an Yield associated
  • Exclusive Properties to Rent

Gem Lab

Gem Lab offers a professional laundry, cleaning and maintenance service for the hotel, restaurant and local accommodation sectors in the greater Lisbon area.

  • Quality Linen and Laundry
  • Professional Cleanings
  • Property Maintenance


1 - Who is a Gem Accommodation homeowner?

Our homeowners are adventurers, the kind of people who are always off seeing the world. We have families who love getting away during the school holidays, busy business travellers, retirees with second homes and creatives who split their time between two cities, to name a few. Because they travel frequently (at least six weeks per year) and for long periods of time, they want to make the best use out of their homes whilst they are away.

They choose onefinestay because they want to use their homes flexibly and are looking to effortlessly enjoy all the benefits of short term renting without the hassle of doing it alone. Because they are extremely house proud, they need a partner who is not only highly experienced in managing the entire rental experience from end-to-end, but who also understands the energy, love and investment that has gone into creating their beautiful homes. onefinestay homeowners love our professional, reliable approach and superb attention to detail, and appreciate leaving the hard work to us because of their active lifestyles.

2 - What information will you need from me when I apply?

We just need to know your home’s address, number of bedrooms and whether it is your primary or secondary home (due to regulations). We will ask you if you plan to be away from your home for a minimum of six weeks per year. It is also really helpful to send us plenty of photos of different rooms so we can get an initial idea of how your home looks.

3 - What do I need to know about short term rental regulations in Lisbon?

All of our cities have different regulations and we are happy to provide you with the relevant resources so you know if your home is suitable for short term rentals in your city.

4 - Is there an option for us to partner with you just managing the bookings/promotion of my property?

Charming newly renovated 1 bedroom apartment, located in the historic district of Santos-o-Velhos, with a wonderful exterior Páteo, accommodates. Charming newly renovated 1 bedroom apartment, located in the historic district of Santos-o-Velhos, with a wonderful exterior Páteo, accommodates.

5 - How does the ‘Alojamento Local’ regulation works?

6 - What are the requirements to maintain a short term rental licence?

7 - What happens after I apply?

A member of our New Homes team will be in touch within two business days to talk about your home and your needs. If it’s a good match so far, we will then organise a home visit to meet you and experience your wonderful home first-hand. This is a chance for us to advise you on pricing, suggest optimisations that could enhance your earnings, fill you in on the finer points of our service, and answer anything else you might want to know.

8 - What happens after I agree to partner with you?

9 - What is the duration of your contract?

10 - Do you provide financial assistance for my property?

11 - How long before my property is bookable?

Once we have completed your in-depth home registration, it is our aim to make your home bookable as quickly as possible. It usually takes us up to two weeks to organise your home’s website listing and promotion. During this time, you should make sure you are ready for guests by checking that you have things like copies of keys and safety certificates. We will advise you on exactly what needs organising.

12 - What happens after my property is live?

We promote your home via our exclusive marketing channels and selected luxury travel partners, including relocation and talent agencies. Our inhouse specialist pricing team creates custom pricing strategies for each home. They manage demand and seasonality to maximise your potential income.

13 - What happens when there is a guest booking?

Before a guest checks in, our professional housekeeping team prepares your home to our exacting standards including supplying onefinestay linens, towels and toiletries. . We then take a photographic inventory so that we know how to put everything back in its rightful place. We label private storage areas so guests know which areas are for them.

We greet guests on arrival and show them around your home explaining your House Rules. We take care of them during their stay and support them 24/7, ensuring you are not disturbed. When guests depart, our housekeeping team returns to clean, and to take another photographic inventory, before returning everything to exactly how you left it.

15 - How do you screen guests and ensure they will respect my property?

We have been in the hospitality industry for ten years so we know how to spot the main red flags. We have strict no smoking and no party policies, and we speak to all guests before their stay, ensuring they meet our over 25 years old criteria and provide a valid reason for their stay. We take a £1000 damage deposit which covers the majority of small breakages. We check IDs in person when we greet guests on arrival and show them around your home explaining your House Rules.

16 - What if an item is accidently damaged by a guest?

We take damage deposits from all guests, and have insurance policies to cover both your interiors and your home itself. Before and after each stay we capture 100s of photographs of your home, so we know who is responsible for any accidental damage. We close off any storage areas that you want kept private with tamper tape, and we recommend that you store any irreplaceable or sentimental items in these sealed-off spaces during guest stays.

17 - How much could I earn with you?

We offer our extensive service on an income sharing model. Because each of our homes is unique, there are many variables so we will model your expected income as a next step based on size, design, location and how many weeks you plan to be away. In addition to marketing your home across our own sizable channels, such as email, social media and PR, we also promote your home through our network of luxury travel partners who cater to a wide range of discerning travellers. We also receive requests for homes suitable for photo shoots or showrooms – if this appeals, let us know as this is another great way to boost your income.

18 - How do you keep my property secure?

We keep all keys to your home in safes, and log them in and out every time we use them. Should your home require maintenance, we have a network of highly vetted and trusted contractors suppliers, or we can also use your own if you have an existing relationship.

19 - How many nights am I entitled per year at the property?

Yes, of course, you will have complete control over your availability calendar via the onefinestay portal. We do ask that you make sure your home will be available for a minimum of six weeks across the course of the year. We also recommend informing us when you are planning to be away as far ahead of time as is possible, 12 months ahead is the best, and more than 90 days ahead is essential.

20 - Can I choose when I offer my property to guests?

21 - What if I need to cancel a booking?

Our guests choose onefinestay because we are reliable. However, we do understand that unforeseen circumstances may mean that homeowners need to cancel bookings. If this happens, let your Account Manager know as soon as possible so we can relocate our guests. A cancellation penalty will apply.

22 - What is your booking cancellation policy?

23 - What happens if a guest needs to cancel a booking?

This depends on the rate they bought. With our standard cancellations, if guests cancel within 14 days of check-in, you will receive a cancellation fee. With a flexible rate, guests can cancel for free up to 7 days in advance of check-in, however, it is your decision if you would like to offer guests a flexible rate.

24 - How will I be paid for guest stays?

We pay homeowners directly into their bank accounts in local currency on a monthly basis.

25 - Can I list my property with other companies?

We only work with homeowners who are willing to offer us exclusivity. This is an important aspect which makes us unique, as many of our premium travel organisations will only partner with us. If you currently list your home on another website, you need to agree to work solely with onefinestay going forwards (although you may honour existing future bookings made on other platforms).

26 - What am I expected to do to prepare for guests?

Please ensure all appliances and home systems are checked regularly and in good working order, and inform your Account Manager of any updates to your home. Leave us a tidy home, with agreed guest storage areas clear, and we will do the rest, making the experience effortless for you.

27 - Is there an annual maintenance fee?

28 - What happens if there is an issue when a guest is at my property?

When guests are staying in your home, they will be looked after by our service team, who are available around the clock. They will handle any requests however minor, so you should never be interrupted by a call from us asking how to operate the TV once we have all the details.

29 - What items do I need to provide at my property?

Our guests expect our beautiful homes to be fully equipped and furnished. Mostly this means making sure you have good quality basics – things like cooking equipment, matching crockery and excellent Wi-Fi. If you join us, we will advise you on anything extra you might need to make sure our guests have an enjoyable experience.

30 - Who will manage my condominium?

Our teams are only trained to manage the inside of your home, and as gardens and pools can be quite complex to maintain we do ask that you arrange for someone to look after these privately.

31 - Do you provide ‘Clean & Safe’ service?

32 - Is there a cleaning service included?

33 - Do you allow pets?

We never allow our guests to bring pets into your home, unless this is something that has been agreed with you in advance. We are not able to take care of your pets while you are away, and you will need to make alternative arrangements for them.

34 - Is there a direct contact for owners?

35 - What if issues arrise?

Your dedicated Account Manager can be reached by both phone and email in local office hours, and will be your first port of call if an issue arises. In case of emergencies, both homeowners and guests can contact our 24/7 service phone line.

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