Unique Properties with Handmade Hospitality


Boutique Apartments is a response to a new tourism trend where travelers look for authentic and genuine local experiences, that move away from the traditional hospitality customs.

The definition of boutique is tightly linked to something small and exclusive that meets the needs of a specific and sophisticated customer, as per the Oxford Dictionary. As such, if a boutique apartment is unique and exclusive, what exactly is Gem Accommodation?




GEM was born with the purpose of promoting unique and differentiated accommodation experiences in Lisbon, through a collection of boutique apartments located in the most historical and authentic neighbourhoods of the city, with an exclusive and guest-oriented hospitality.

This personalised collection has been carefully selected and tended to, based on quality parameters associated to the property, namely location, character, comfort, and design.

The guest service associated to our apartment collection is based on a fusion of traditional and a new, guest-centred hospitality, which focuses on authenticity, customs, and local life.

At GEM, we value not only the character and personality of our properties, but also an exclusive accommodation experience that reflects the local culture and lifestyle.




GEM signature is synonym with quality, genuineness, and character – all associated to the properties and services we promote along with guests and property owners.

It is a seal of quality for those who look for distinct accommodation with exclusive and tailored services withing the city’s more historical neighbourhoods. At the same time, GEM becomes a trustworthy and prestigious partner in the management of your local accommodation property.


What We Stand For


Unique collection of apartments selected according to accommodation quality, namely location, character, comfort, and design, among others.


Exclusive hospitality service personalised for our guests


Exclusive property management services with high quality standards, both in terms of property selection and guest accommodation


We base our services on a professional, consistent, and transparent business model, hand-in-hand with our customers and partners, towards mutual benefit and sustainable long-lasting growth.


Hand Pick Collection

Properties in prime locations carefully selected by quality features

  • Property Selection
  • Visit and Quality Evaluation
  • Marketing and Promotion

Handmade Hospitality

A personalised hospitality service to make our guest feel as comfortable as at their home

  • Reservations
  • Meet & Greeting
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Property Managment

A proficient range of services designed to ensure the property care and the owners peace of mind

  • Property Maintenance
  • Monthly Business Reporting
  • Accounting and Legal Support


Alongside each and every one of GEM Boutique Apartments, you will find a staff team that shares our same vision and commitment and thrives to deliver exclusive and high-standard services to both guests and property owners. Therefore, positioning itself as a reference in the local short-term rental business.